We understand the unique storage needs of the automotive industry, and our tailored solutions help optimize storage space for automotive parts, ensuring easy access and efficient inventory management.


In the fast-paced industry of Automotive and Spare Parts, efficient storage and organization are crucial for maintaining smooth operations and maximizing productivity. At Khambatis, we offer a comprehensive range of storage optimization solutions and steel fabrication services that cater specifically to the needs of the Automotive and Spare Parts sector.


Here's how our products can be applied and the benefits they bring:


Automotive Racks and Shelving Systems:

    • Our automotive racks and shelving systems provide a robust and organized storage solution for various spare parts and components.
    • Maximizes space utilization, allowing for the storage of a wide range of items while keeping them easily accessible.
    • Facilitates efficient inventory management, reducing the time and effort required for stock replenishment and order fulfillment.
    • Ensures the protection and preservation of delicate and valuable spare parts, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

Mezzanine Floors:

    • Mezzanine floors offer an additional level of storage space, which is ideal for storing larger spare parts and bulk items.
    • Provides a cost-effective solution to expand storage capacity without the need for extensive construction or facility expansion.
    • Allows for the efficient organization and separation of different categories of spare parts, improving workflow and retrieval processes.
    • Enhances overall operational efficiency by optimizing vertical space utilization and reducing the need for excessive floor space.

Security Steel Products:

    • Our security steel products, including doors, lockers, and cabinets, offer reliable protection for valuable automotive parts, tools, and equipment.
    • Enhances security measures by safeguarding against theft, unauthorized access, and damage to critical spare parts.
    • Provides a secure storage solution for sensitive information, such as technical specifications, design files, and proprietary data.
    • Customizable options available to meet specific security requirements and ensure a tailored fit for different types of automotive components.

Material Handling Equipment:

    • Our material handling equipment, such as trolleys, carts, and racks, streamline the movement and transportation of automotive parts.
    • Facilitates efficient picking, packing, and distribution processes, reducing handling time and minimizing the risk of damage.
    • Improves ergonomics and reduces physical strain for employees, promoting a safe and productive working environment.
    • Supports just-in-time inventory management, enabling automotive manufacturers and spare parts suppliers to meet customer demands efficiently.

Customized Steel Fabrication:

    • Our skilled craftsmen provide customized steel fabrication services for specific automotive and spare parts storage requirements.
    • Tailor-made solutions for specialized storage racks, tool cabinets, workstations, and other automotive-specific applications.
    • Ensures the durability and longevity of fabricated structures, even in demanding automotive environments.
    • Adheres to industry standards and quality control measures to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive sector.


By leveraging our products and services, businesses in the Automotive and Spare Parts industry can experience the following benefits:


  • Optimized Storage Capacity: Our solutions maximize storage space utilization, allowing for efficient storage of a wide range of automotive parts and components.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management: Well-organized storage systems and efficient material handling equipment improve inventory accuracy and facilitate faster order fulfillment.
  • Improved Workplace Efficiency: Streamlined processes, ergonomic designs, and optimized storage solutions reduce downtime and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Increased Security and Protection: Our security steel products provide reliable protection against theft, unauthorized access, and damage to valuable automotive parts and confidential information.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the unique requirements of the Automotive and Spare Parts industry and can provide customized solutions that meet specific needs and space constraints.

Why Us?

At Khambatis, we are committed to helping Automotive and Spare Parts businesses optimize their storage, fabrication, and security needs. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and deliver tailored solutions that enhance efficiency

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