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Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the modern workplace, individuals and institutions are met with a unique challenge; How should scarce physical space be designed and utilised, so that waste is minimised while simultaneously achieving operational goals?


Welcome to Khambatis Private Limited, Karachi’s steel fabrication pioneer. Our industrial-grade steel furniture, designed for emerging workspaces and thriving industries, embodies the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and qualitative excellence. From cutting-edge storage and fabrication facilities such as racking and shelving, to substantial security solutions like lockers and safes, our revolutionary suite of products is designed to optimise your space, and revolutionise your operations, no matter the industry.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence and customer satisfaction. With a reputation for top-quality services, we have become the preferred choice for clients seeking storage optimization solutions, steel fabrication, and security steel products.


Contact us today to experience our exceptional services and discover why we are the trusted partner for all your storage and steel needs. Trust Khambatis Private Limited to provide efficient solutions and elevate your business to new heights.

  • ServicesA Guiding Force at Every Stage

The Khambati’s experience is characterised by a commitment to innovation and personalization at every stage, across every industry. Our products range from storage facilities, such as customizable shelves, racks, and pallets, to Office Furniture such as mezzanine floors and cabinets, as well as a host of Security-based products like bank lockers and doors. Each product is painstakingly designed by our team of industry experts, customised to the exact specifications of our valued clientele, and monitored by our unparalleled suite of after-sales services.


Constructed from cutting-edge, eco-friendly materials designed to maximise modularity and ease of assembly, pallets, doors, lockers, cabinets and trolleys represent the company’s flexible design philosophy. We seek to incorporate modern technology into each of our designs, and alter them to suit the changing needs of our customers.

Is confidentiality and security a growing concern for you?

Khambati’s doors offer an impenetrable security barrier, blending contemporary technology into the sturdiest materials available on the market. They are designed to keep your workspaces safe and hassle-free at any cost.

Need secure and organised storage systems for files and documents?

We provide a vast range of durable lockers, cabinets and shelving tailored to the storage needs of any industry.

Want to transport materials and tangibles faster than ever before?

Our sleek, industrial-grade trolleys are perfect for the job.


We provide innovative solutions to a variety of industries across Pakistan, including education, pharmaceuticals, banking, and many more.


From designing sturdy lockers and iron safes for well-established banks, to providing racks and storage facilities of all shapes and sizes for the food industry, our history of successful collaboration across a diverse set of industries demonstrates and highlights the company’s rich tradition of excellence.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • MissionPersonalized Excellence

We do not simply sell industrial furniture; We sell a comprehensive experience, tailored to suit your unique operational needs. We strive to blend the unparalleled functionality of Khambati’s craftsmanship, with the specific artistic preferences of our diverse clientele, in order to deliver industrial furniture that embodies both style and substance in one revolutionary package. Whether it’s artistry or quality, no one does steel fabrication better than us. That’s the Khambhatis Guarantee.

  • VisionA World Without Waste

We aim to create an industrial landscape free of inefficiencies and workflow waste. Our unending pursuit of innovation in storage optimisation, led by a team of renowned industry professionals, ushers in a new era of waste-minimisation, and helps modern businesses boost their productivity through unmatched operational infrastructure, such as safes, shelves, doors, and much more. 

  • HistoryA Ritual of Success

Established in 2023, Khambatis aims to redirect, expand and evolve the enduring legacy built by Khizer Khambatwala. It is a spiritual successor to Khambati Furnitures, a well-known name in the consumer furniture market. Following its inception in 1980, K Furnitures saw rapid and substantial success, largely due to its sharp focus on high-quality craftsmanship and groundbreaking artistic design. Due to the meteoric rise and consistent market share of K Furnitures, the Khambatwala family has developed a lasting reputation for success in the furniture industry.

Since they took the reins in 2018, Mr. Khizer’s sons, Huzefa and Taha Khambatwala, aim to continue the legacy of expertise forged by their father, leveraging the family’s long-standing expertise in carpentry while elevating it to new heights in the industrial storage sector with Khambatis.

The company’s strategic evolution seeks to honour and represent the two primary pillars upon which Mr. Khizer’s company was built; An unparalleled commitment to quality, and a culture of innovation. Our diverse team of professional craftsmen seeks not just to sell products, but rather to build a deep, personal understanding of each client’s needs. We are committed to providing cost effective storage, fabrication and security furniture solutions across a range of industries.

  • TeamA Ritual of Success

Our mission is led by a diverse team of expert craftsmen and designers, hand-picked by Mr. Taha and Mr. Huzefa, and meticulously trained to exact the company’s ideation and methodology.


We foster a dynamic, collaborative working environment characterised by shared learning and information sharing, and our skilled team of over 50 experts are the cornerstone of Khambati’s success. Working in harmony, our team’s mission is to understand your unique furniture needs, offer valuable insights and advice, and design products with the utmost precision and attention to detail.


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